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Judy Greenway

Gender and Sexuality

I am currently working on scanning my published articles and making them available as web pages and downloadable Word documents.

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Available so far:

NEW: Now available as download
The Gender Politics of Anarchist History: re/membering women, re/minding men (2010). Paper given at the panel on Anarchism and Feminism, PSA conference, Edinburgh, April 2010. An expanded version will be made available on this site at a later date. [Discusses how gendered approaches to anarchist history can generate new ideas about anarchism past, present and future]

Speaking desire: anarchism and free love as utopian performance in fin de siècle Britain in Laurence Davis and Ruth Kinna, eds, (2009) Anarchism and Utopianism. Manchester: Manchester University Press. [I hope to add this article to my website at a later date.]

Now available on this site: Desire, delight, regret: discovering Elizabeth Gibson, (2008) Qualitative Research 2008:8, pp 317-324. [Discusses the process of researching a previously unknown relative, poet and feminist Elizabeth Gibson.]

Enemies of the State? Homosexuality in the Nineteenth Century (2005) Anarchist Studies 13:1, pp.90-95. [Review article: discusses the links between sexual and political outlaws.]

Shoulder to Shoulder: Elizabeth and Wilfrid Gibson (2004) Dymock Poets and Friends 2004: 3, pp.23-33. [Discusses the relationship between the poet siblings, and traces the networks of friendship and influence supporting their artistic and political development.]

‘Together We will make a New World: Sexual and Political Utopianism (2003) Past and Present of Radical Sexual Politics, Socialism and Sexuality seminar, Amsterdam, October 3-4, 2003 (conference paper). [Discusses changing concepts of free love and sexual liberation among anarchists and libertarians in England from the 1880s to the 1970s.]

NEW: Now available on this site
No Place For Women? Anti-utopianism and the Utopian Politics of the 1890s, Geografisker Annaler 84 B, 2002, 3-4:31-39. [Discusses women’s fictional and non-fiction accounts of utopian experiments in 1890s England, and how these become stories which reinforce anti-utopian narratives.]

Impossible Outlaws: Gender, Space and Utopia in ‘Johnny Guitar’, (2000) Altitude, Vol.1 No.2, December 2000: online journal. [Joan Crawford meets utopian theory in the outlaw territory of the Temporary Autonomous Zone, in this discussion of the film ‘Johnny Guitar’.]

Twenty-first Century Sex, in Jon Purkis and James Bowen, eds. (1997) Twenty-first Century Anarchism: Unorthodox Ideas for a New Millennium. Cassell: London, pp.170-180. [Do new technologies and new theories of sex, gender, and the body pose a real challenge to existing power relationships?]

Sex, Politics and Housework (1993). In Chris Coates, Jonathan How, Lee Jones, William Morris, and Andy Wood, (eds), Diggers and Dreamers 94/95: The Guide to Communal Living, Communes Network: Winslow, Buckinghamshire, pp. 39-45. [Problems and tensions between men and women in utopian communities are nothing new, especially when it comes to sharing the housework.]

Gays Under Attack: Out of the closets and into the hospitals (1977) by Margot Farnham and Judy Greenway, 1977. Zero 3, October/November 1977, pp. 8, 10. [Discusses anti-gay violence, linking it to a rightwing backlash against the threat posed by Women’s and Gay Liberation groups to patriarchy and the state.]

Questioning our desires, (1975) Wildcat No.6, March 1975, p.5. [Discussing sexuality in the early days of the Women’s Liberation Movement.]

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